Chronic Disease Management

The Chronic Disease Management Program is focused on improving the quality of life for persons with chronic disease by improving access to and utilization of health services. A Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) works with medical providers and patients to ensure that necessary testing, referrals and follow-up occur. With complications from chronic disease on the rise, our PCC assists you in developing a plan to incorporate into your lifestyle so that you become healthier. Behavioral factors such as nutrition, physical activity, overweight, obesity and tobacco use have contributed to poor health outcomes and complications. Managing these factors through developing self-management goals can prevent complications, improve overall health and well-being.

In addition to changing behavioral factors, there are several ways that you can influence your course of chronic disease:

  • Have periodic and regular screenings.
  • Control high blood pressure.
  • Engage regularly in physical activity.
  • Have annual dental examinations.
  • Eat a balanced low fat diet.
  • Quit tobacco use.


The best person to control your chronic disease is YOU. Go to the following links for more information on chronic disease and what you can do to prevent complications: