Integrated Behavioral Health


The ICHC Integrated Behavioral Health Program provides integrated, patient centered care.  ICHC Behavioral Health Consultant, Dr. Hayley Alliso, assists patients to develop self-management skills, reduce stress and create healthy lifestyles for patients with a wide variety of illnesses and medical conditions.

Dr. Allison sees patients regarding smoking cessation, mild depression, weight management, drug and alcohol abuse and chronic disease management including diabetes, hypertension and COPD.  Dr. Allison often meets with patients during their regular medical visit and offers up to 12 individual counseling sessions per patient each year.

What does integrated behavioral health mean?

Behavioral Health Services are limited to individuals who are established primary care patients.

ICHC refers to community partners for the following services:

  • Treat or diagnose more complex mental illness, including bipolar disorder or schizophrenia
  • Prescribe medications
  • Conduct formal drug, alcohol or mental health assessments
  • Conduct assessments for the court or treat people for anger management